Calling All Gardeners

I have been working hard putting together a new Seasonal Garden Journal, the second in my Garden Collection.

This printed journal is designed to plan, track and journal your way through the whole growing season from prep to planting to harvest. I can't wait for you to see them. But right now, it's just a seedling.

Before I can release it, I need some help putting on the finishing touches. That's where you come in. I am looking for a few garden people that would help this journal thrive.

I'm asking for three people who love to dig in the dirt,—from the average to the avid gardener to help me cross the finish line. If you are interested in receiving a free journal to review and returning a quick questionnaire, then start here!

  • Fill out the form below with your Name and Email.
  • Include "I want to help you finish your Seasonal Garden Journal!" in the message.
  • Hit SEND

I will be in touch for mailing information of the first three who respond. Everyone else will get a nice surprise too.  

Thanks, everyone. I have the best customers!

Happy Gardening!


Photo credit: Markus Spiske