2020 Summer Camp
2020 Summer Camp
2020 Summer Camp
2020 Summer Camp
2020 Summer Camp

2020 Summer Camp

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Around the World Summer Camp

Summers are meant for fun and adventure This year's summer camp will explore the world. We will travel and learn about four different countries all while creativing and having fun along the way. Videos, pictures and stories will give a brief overview of each place. Hands-on activities will make it come to life for us as we explore Italy, Japan, Australia and Mexico. 

Each session will include all supplies and endless exploration. Feel free to send a snack with your child. We will be taking a short break each day. Water will be provided. 

Sign up today. Choose each session (descriptions below) you want your child to attend and how many seats you would like to reserve. We will do everything else. They will even get their own passport to travel the world!

Session 1

Prepare for Trip

  • Passport Pamphlet Stitched Book
  • Make large envelope
  • Make travel notebook for passport, map and small notebook

Session 2

Italy: Honoring the Food Culture of the Nation

  • Learn about Italy in video
  • Make pasta
  • Paper Marbling
  • Italy stamp for passport

Session 3

Japan: Appreciating the Traditions

  • Explore some origami
  • Enjoy the story: Eragon
  • Begin making our own dragon box

Session 4


  • Complete our dragon boxes
  • Video: Kid’s Lunchtime in Japan
  • Try some sushi
  • Japan stamp for passport

Session 5

Australia: Honoring the Natural Environment or Land

  • Video: Great Barrier Reef Video
  • Create Papier-mâché jellyfish
  • Australia stamp for passport

Session 6

Mexico: Respecting the People and their Culture

  • Learn about Florentine Codex
  • Make our own codex accordion book
  • Fill our codex with family life and farm life of Mexico 
  • Video: Central America Quiz
  • Origami toucans
  • Mexico stamp for passport