Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you found a place to create and connect. I'm Claire, the founder of Beyond the Fold Paperie and this is my happy place. 
I've had a love for paper and creating ever since I was little. I love the sound of scissors cutting paper, the look of colors coming together and the feel of a good textured paper.
Over the years, I've had the joy of working every day in the creative field of graphic design. But I always made books. Even now, after 20 years, I still love making books and continue to grow, always learning new structures and continually perfecting the ones I know.
As much as I love making books, I also love to connect with others through my classes. Teaching classes fills me up and keeps me going. All my classes are available to anyone, any age and any skill level. I love to see people go for it, get it, and come alive. That spark in you makes me smile.
So take this as your invitation to join me. Online you can connect through my website, Instagram and Facebook. In person in a class or workshop. I’m happy to answer any questions and enjoy just connecting over coffee and a craft.
I hope you find this a place to fall in love with life. Enjoy!